Thursday, February 16, 2012

Easter Festivities in Helsinki

Go for a Campervan adventure in Helsinki. Feel the freedom of a campervan when you are able to do whatever you want and change your plans at a whim. While you're roadtripping around you could celebrate Easter with the Finns.

In the Senate Square is an Easter Dramatisation procession. Over a hundred professional and amateur actors participate in an event that beautifully depicts the Easter story. Be sure to watch the event on the 6th April till the 7th April.

Take part in Finnish cultural merriment of Easter and join in the Easter Bonfire. On Easter Sunday, children dress up as trolls and gather together at the festival grounds on Seurasaari island. A small bonfire is lit for the children, to be followed later by a larger bonfire to sit around and enjoy. Children will sing songs and recite poetry around the fire.

Easter bonfire IM5987 Kokko palaa C
By Anneli Salo - Wikimedia Commons

A beautiful experience that would be a treat to be a part of. Spend your time in a Campervan while your in Helsinki or anywhere else in Finland.

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